Together we can offer displaced people safety and dignity on sound ecological principles.

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of vulnerables without discrimination, through green humanitarian activities.


“Filoxenia”, is the first branch of InCommOn_Innovative Communities, a Greek non-profit grassroots organisation founded in July 2016. Our bottom-up approach enables people to support each other, while helping us to build on collaborations with schools, social services and the local community. In addition to the participative, co-design approach, the projects all involved sound ecological principles as part of their practice; carrying out the work with a low environmental footprint and educating the residents about energy conservation, effective recycling and waste management.

What sets this project apart is that it encourages a sense of belonging.

Both the staff and residents of Filoxenia International have worked together towards building a respectful environment for all.


We have a lot of projects that run on the side of our main supported housing project, including healthcare and artistic activities.


Interested in joining our community?